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The Friday night band and DJ/dances are included with registration. However, to attend the Saturday night banquet dinner (buffet) and/or the Saturday night main-event entertainment (comedian) you will need to purchase tickets. If you would like to purchase extra dinner or event tickets for your “non-NA-members” guest click here. A full registration (use this page) is required to purchase extra tickets.

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Please enter a separate registration for each person. If you do not know or do not want to share your personal info, just enter n/a or unknown. When you have completed and are ready, you will pay for everyone and everything at the same time.

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Pre-Register and save!

Registration includes entry to all workshops, speakers, the band, and DJ/dance event. It doesn’t include tickets for the Saturday night main-event entertainment (comedian) or the Saturday night banquet dinner (buffet).

Pre-register by June 20th for $20 or $25 after. 

  • Pre-Registration (Before June 20th):  $20
  • Registration (After June 20th):  $25
  • Banquet Dinner (Buffet Style):  $30
  • Entertainment (Saturday Comedian): $10
If you need to purchase additional banquet tickets or entertainment tickets for “non-NA-members” including family, please click here.

Why Register?

Money collected from your registration is used to pay for the hotel facilities and service expenses (Including meeting rooms, workshops, free speaker downloads, service expenses, dances, supplies, printing, signs, travel, special events and much more.)


  1. By pre-registering, you save money and it helps us pay hotel and convention center up-front costs to host the event.
  2. If purchasing banquet dinner, you also guarantee front seating (which are limited).
  3. You support our primary purpose (5th Tradition) and help keep event self-supporting (7th Tradition).

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