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Please enter a separate registration for each person. If you do not know or do not want to share your personal info, just enter n/a or unknown. When you have completed and are ready, you will pay for everyone and everything at the same time.

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Buy your “Basic Preregistration” before July 20th for only $50.00 and save $15.00.

This “Basic Registration” includes all entertainment, including the Friday band, Saturday comedian and the DJ after. It does not include the Saturday Dinner Banquet.

Both the “Basic Preregistration” and “Full Preregistration” (until July 20th) include the Saturday one comedian ticket for free. After July 20th, prices will increase to $5.00 and the comedian tickets will no longer be included for free (it will be an extra $10.00 per ticket). If you buy before July 20th, you will save $15.00 per registration.

If you would like to purchase extra dinner or event tickets for your “NON-NA-members” guest click here. We will request you register any members first before purchasing extra dinner or comedian tickets. You may also add more dinners at a later date should you need them (if available).

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