Please Pre-Register!

Registration includes entry to all workshops, speakers, and late night DJ/dance on Saturday night.

  • Pre-Registrations Before September 24th: Only $25.00
  • Registrations After September 24th: $30.00
  • Entertainment Tickets: $10.00

If you need to purchase entertainment tickets for “non-NA-members” including family, please click here.

Why Register?

Money collected from your registration is used to pay for hotel facilities and associated service expenses (such as: rooms for meetings, workshops, dances, general supplies, printing programs, signs, tickets for special events. The registration collected from this event will help make the next SMRCNA happen.


  1. By preregistering, you save money and it help pay hotel and convention up-front costs to host the event.
  2. You support our primary purpose (5th Tradition) and help keep event self-supporting (7th Tradition).

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